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Comment: I am from a very low-income...

Chiquita started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds"

I am from a very low-income area in Arkansas. I was once a full-time college student, but since has had two children and very little income. I am very interested in continuing my education but have loans in default. Can you help?
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I'm a mess. I can't get any help from agencies because my husband is employed. I've been out of work for six years. Because i am over 50---and live in a politically corrupt controlled area, jobs are not available for me.
I MUST go back to school. My FAFSA reply says I'm not eligible for anything--once again because my husband is head of household and has a job. Not a high paying job, but a job.
Struggling, is an understatement. Credit--what's that?
I have a son who's not in school because we cannot afford it. His desire is to become a psychologist. He's' loaned out', as are we. His student loans are in default (those in his name and my husband's).
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Hi I am a single parent of two teenagers and I finished college in feb 08, I started another school last year as well to get my bachelors in psychology, but the schoo wasn't all what it said it would be. I called my last loan dept and asked for an inschool deferment, but they defaulted me anyway... what can i do to stop this i want to further my career.

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I can help you with defaulted student loans (quick 4 week turn around w/ no out of pocket expenses).  I can also help you find reputible and fully accredited degree programs that can be taken 100% online; affordable as well.  I have been a college counselor for 13 years and sincerely enjoy working with single parent moms and low income individuals - college is truly a life changer as it helps us live up to our true potential and helps others around us live up to theirs.  I can be reached at


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